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Introduction to PowerObjects' CRM How To Portal

Learn the in's and out's of PowerObjects' CRM How To Portal. Get started with confidence. This pre-recorded webinar will get you on your way to learning the wonderful world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Presenter Sarah Montgomery is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has led the content development of the CRM How-To Portal.

Topics Include:

- What is the How To Portal?
- Content and Navigation Overview
- How to get started




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You are going to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM than you ever thought possible.

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Hi there, friend!

The How-to Portal has had a long life in internet years, but its time is coming to a close. If you’re looking for the latest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM education and self-paced learning, check out The CRM Book! We are constantly updating it to help you get the most out of CRM. In the meantime, the How-to Portal will still be here a while so you can say goodbye.